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Howard County MD Divorce Law Blog

Paying Alimony and a Mortgage Can Help Your Divorce Outcome

Did I just read that right? Is that what you are thinking? I should actually want to pay alimony? I have always thought that I should fight paying alimony. Was I right?

Can I Deduct My Legal Fees On My Income Taxes?

I get asked this question a great deal, especially in high asset divorce cases, as well as indefinite and rehabilitative alimony cases. In Howard County, these issues arise often, as the fees for divorce can become extremely high in complex cases, as well as complex and high conflict child custody cases.

I Need Divorce Information Right Now. How Do I Get It?

Getting a divorce? Is it in Howard County? Somewhere else within the State of Maryland? Drawing a blank? Sick and tired of reading on the Internet or social media?

Maryland Divorce and High Assets: Equitable Does Not Need To Mean Equal

Many Maryland counties have their share of high asset divorces. It does not matter whether you are in Howard, Montgomery, Anne Arundel, Baltimore or any other jurisdiction, judges are occasionally required to determine the equitable distribution of millions of dollars of assets. On rare occasions, the assets number in the billions.

Collaborative Divorce--The ABC's and Pro's and Cons

Have you seen the television ads and other media, hyping the use of a "collaborative divorce?" These ads appear throughout the Maryland area, including Howard County, Montgomery County, Carroll County, Baltimore County, Anne Arundel County and beyond.

Maryland's Domestic Violence Statute: What You Can Do Right Now

It is the middle of the night. I have just gotten beaten up by my spouse in Maryland. I live in Howard County. Or Montgomery County. Or Anne Arundel. Baltimore. Carroll. Anywhere.The police just came and left, without arresting my spouse. The police told me I could file for an ex parte to have my spouse removed from the house.

The Maryland Judiciary Case Search for the Maryland Divorce-Friend or Foe?

Did you know that you can look at the docket entries on-line using the Maryland Judiciary Case Search website? Whether your divorce is in Howard County or any other jurisdiction in the State of Maryland, all you have to do is type in the website, agree with the terms of service and then look up any divorce, family law, divorce, child support or other case. In fact, it is true for most other civil and criminal cases as well.

Get Out of My House! A Primer For Married and Un-Married Couples

Ending a relationship with a separation or ending a marriage with a divorce, whether it is in Howard County or elsewhere in the State of Maryland, presents challenges, especially when the two of you are living in the same home. Perhaps both of you own it, or perhaps only one of you owns it.